Age: 15

My name's Rogelia, but my friends call me "RJ." I like to listen to music, go out and do fun things, dance (especially hip-hop), and watch TV. My favorite subjects in school are drama, choir, and English. After high school, I'd like to attend college.

When people ask what I want out of life, I tell them I just want to be happy. I want a family with siblings, pets, a mom, and parents that are ok with me visiting and having a relationship with my biological family and previous guardians.


Age: 16

Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm nervous about doing Wednesday's Child, but here goes. I like to watch T.V., dance, ride my bike and swim. My friends and family call me a fish because I can stay in the water for days. People might describe me as funny, a little crazy and hyper, but nice. I don't like to see kids get bullied. I've experienced that myself. It can really make school not a great place to be when people are mean. I try to help out when I see someone being bullied.


Age: 15

Hey, I'm Jacklyn. I love animals; cats, dogs, all kinds of animals. I have kind of a gift. Mostly they love me--except I stay away from the ones that want to attack.

If you were to ask my best friend to describe me, she would tell you 'She's my BFF and we're actually like twins. We're both picky eaters, we both like animals, we both love to play video games, we're both not all the way mature yet because we like to pretend we're animals.' (laughter)


Age: 15

Hope is another name for expectation or desire. That is something this pretty teen with curly hair as bright as a new copper penny carries in her heart. She has hope that she will soon be in a family that could build her trust and help her move past the hard times she has survived. Though she sometimes struggles with emotions related to the past, she is a genuinely sweet and likeable girl who goes with the flow in life.