Age: 16

My name is Kesha. I like hanging out with friends, mostly walking around and talking. That's my favorite thing--spending time with people and just talking and spending time together. With family, I enjoy watching movies, family parties, barbecues...things like that. I'd like to go with family back to Portland. I loved seeing the ocean and aquarium there. That's part of why I really want to get into marine biology. I love the ocean and all the marine life in it.


Age: 15

Hope is another name for expectation or desire. That is something this pretty teen with curly hair as bright as a new copper penny carries in her heart. She has hope that she will soon be in a family that could build her trust and help her move past the hard times she has survived. Though she sometimes struggles with emotions related to the past, she is a genuinely sweet and likeable girl who goes with the flow in life.


Age: 13

My name is Krista. I want to live in the country. One of my foster homes was on a ranch and I really liked living there. I love horses and I'm not afraid to get dirty. I also like girl things. I like to do hair, paint nails and go shopping. I love to do all kinds of crafts. I really like school. I am good in math and science and want to be a vet one day.


Age: 10

Hi. I'm Josephine. People also call me Josie. The things I want people to know about me are: I love animals, especially horses--cats and dogs, too. I hope to live on a ranch someday and have my own miniature and regular-sized horses. I might like to learn how to help animals, maybe as a veterinarian, but probably just learning all the things I can do and calling a professional when they're really sick.

Josie and her 12 year-old brother, Tyeral (Ty) would like to live together in one family that can provide for each child's needs. The secondary adoption plan is to find two families living in reasonable proximity who are committed to frequent contact between these sibs


Age: 9

Alexandria (who prefers Alex) is a bright, sensitive, caring young girl. She is of Hispanic and Caucasian heritage. Alex has a loving heart and likes to do nice things for other people. She loves to be a ‘girly’ girl, which might include playing dress up, putting on make up, painting her finger nails, singing, and dancing. She loves to color and draw. She enjoys swimming, and had lessons for the first time over the summer.


Age: 17

Hi, I'm Sarah. I would describe myself as unusual and maybe not what people expect. I love school, especially Debate, History and Math. In my spare time, I like to read, play Hackey Sack, ride my Long board or play cards. I like to play basketball and I like watching football and basketball games.


Age: 12

Hi, my name is Alexas. I'm both an indoor and outdoor girl. I like dressing up, doing nails and hair and being feminine. I also like being...not dressed up. I like watching Netflix movies, playing games and reading. I love to read science fiction and fantasy books like Harry Potter. I also like PE at school, playing soccer, going on hikes and just about anything outdoors.