Age: 14

My name is Kelly and I am 14 years old. I am artistic and creative. I like to invent things and I LOVE to sing. I think the perfect ideal family would understand me for me, like my desire to have piercings and tattoos. I want a fun family; people who are active. I am not sure I want other children, but it would be okay if there were other kids. I definitely don't want a lot of little kids running around because I like having moments alone. Every kid's dream is to have parents who will give them what they want whenever they want it, but I want parents who won't just give me things, but tell me that I have to earn it. I also want parents who will appreciate my talents.


Age: 12

My name is Alaysa. It's pronounced A-lay-sha, but my friends call me Aly. I love to dance and sing, swim, play basketball and tennis and roller blade. I like Wahooz, especially the bumper boats and go-carts. I like art and all kinds of music. I'm good in Math and Science in school. I'm learning about life cycles of insects. I might like to be a teacher someday.


Age: 13

Hi, my name is Faith. I like to ride horses and I love animals. I've had dogs and cats at home. I love to cuddle with a cat and tease it with a fake mouse. I like to watch it pounce! My favorite foods are chicken strips and curly fries. Oh, and I like slushies and smoothies. I like to dress up, and I also like comfortable clothes that are cute. My favorite colors are pink, blue, yellow and lime green. I like being feminine, having my hair done, painting my nails, having pedicures and shopping. I would enjoy doing these things with just a mom. If she got married later, that would be OK, as long as I have plenty of time to be sure her choice of husband is someone I can trust and feel safe with.


Age: 15

Hi, my name is Shyanne. I'm a happy girl and I enjoy laughing. I love nature and being outdoors--like visiting the ocean. I also like to write stories. I like volleyball and basketball. I like science in school.