Age: 15

I'm Andre and I love going out in nature, to smell the breeze and enjoy what God gave me. I like to fish. I have my own tackle box and rod and reel. I also like to be outdoors doing just about anything--swimming, riding bikes, playing with the dogs, paint balling, cleaning the horse pens and riding them, too. I'd like to have a family that enjoys riding dirt bikes or 4-wheelers. I hope they enjoy camping and fishing and hunting.


Age: 14

"Hi, I’m Joseph, and I love guitars. I’m still learning, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. One time when I was practicing, I played the guitar so much I broke the string. I had to go back to the store and buy another guitar string so I could practice some more. I hope to one day teach other people how to play the guitar. I’d really like that."


Age: 14

"Hi, I’m Niko. I love to draw and listen to music on my MP3 player. I like animals, especially dogs. I’d like to train dogs when I get older. I’ve even thought about getting a dog one day--a dog from a shelter, not a pet store. I want a dog that was abandoned, so I can take care of it."


Age: 15

This shy teenager will warm up quickly to anyone who is armed with pizza or LEGO! He is very proficient at building things with LEGO and can sit for quite a long time engaging in this, his favorite hobby. He is just learning to find leisure activities that he enjoys and would thrive with a family who helps him to explore new interests. Some of his most recent interests include reading and doing crafts.


Age: 12

Hi, I'm Tyeral or Ty. I want to live in a safe family with my sister. We play cops and robbers together and she lets me be the cop. And I be nice to her, too. We have pets in my foster home and I be good to them. I want a black Chihuahua someday and I would name him Raven. I will play with him and feed him and be nice to him.


Age: 13

My name is Alex, and I really like Math and Science. They're my favorite subjects in school. I also like to read and play video games on my Nintendo DS. When I'm not inside, I like to ride my mountain bike and skateboard. I also like to play Halo outside. It's like Cops and Robbers, but with Humans and Aliens. I'm also going to play Major League Baseball when I'm older, maybe at third base or outfield. If I don't do that, I want to be a construction worker.


Age: 15

Cody is a sweet young man whose bright grin and shy demeanor will capture any parent's heart. He desires to have a family that are avid outdoors people, a family that will give him 100% and use some creativity in helping him to successfully manage his behaviors when they become overwhelming. He loves biking, hiking, camping, hunting, and 4-wheeling. He also enjoys playing basketball and video games.


Age: 15

Hi, I'm AJ. I think my favorite thing to do is draw and color. I actually like doing lots of different crafts. I also like riding my bike. I want to go swimming, camping, fishing, hiking and hunting with my new family. But most important, I want to be in a family where I know all my needs will be met. I worry about that sometimes. I think the most important things in a family is trust, friendship and love. I hope I can stay in touch with my half-sister, my aunt, and my biological father, though.


Age: 17

"My name is Derek and I like to make people laugh! I like drawing,origami, basketball (especially the Utah Jazz!) being outdoors, and riding on just about anything with wheels -- dirt bikes, skateboards, 4-wheelers, bikes and scooters. I also like baseball and think I'm a good pitcher."

"I want a family who will treat me nice and will help me to make good choices. I want a house with lots of rooms to play and a place where I can play outside. I really want a family that will let me stay in touch with my birth family. Because this is really important to me, I need to stay in Idaho, or close enough to visit a lot."


Age: 13

"Hi. My name is Andrew. You should call me Andy--that's what I like. My friends at school would describe me as someone who makes them laugh. I like to tell knock-knock jokes. I like almost every sport, but basketball is my favorite! I can spin the ball on my finger tip.