Age: 14

My name is Dakota and I am 14 years old. I love being active in the outdoors and want a family who enjoys those same things. I love to ride dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, horses, and going hunting. I don't really care whether I am with a mom and a dad, or just one parent; whether there are a lot of kids in the home, or I am the only child. But I do want a family who is active, nice, caring and fun.


Age: 10

My name is Austin. I love being outside and playing, and I love superheroes. I want a mom and a dad, and I want to find a family so I don't have to keep moving.


Age: 13

Devin is a 'Calvin & Hobbs' kind of boy whose antics, imagination and infectious belly-laughs engage everyone around him. For an active single mom or dad or couple who can get inside his world, this younger-than-age pre-teen will keep you busy and young at heart. Despite the many challenges he's experienced, Devin's love of fun and one-on-one engagement make it easy to build a natural reward system into his rule-based understanding of life.


Age: 17

I'm Andre and I love going out in nature, to smell the breeze and enjoy what God gave me. I like to fish. I have my own tackle box and rod and reel. I also like to be outdoors doing just about anything--swimming, riding bikes, playing with the dogs, paint balling, cleaning the horse pens and riding them, too. I'd like to have a family that enjoys riding dirt bikes or 4-wheelers. I hope they enjoy camping and fishing and hunting.


Age: 10

Kaleb's broad grin, when he shares it, is enchanting, and so is his generous nature. When anyone comes to visit him at his group home, he hands each person one of his toys and shows how to re-purpose it into a gun, complete with his own sound effects. Then he says, "Come see our back yard."


Age: 17

Dressed in a Nike t-shirt with a bold message, AJ hopes something will convince an adoptive or guardian family to "Just Do It." AJ has been preparing for family life for a long time. He's hoping the right mom or dad will care that the journey he's been on has been mostly discouraging. You might be the one to show him the way home.


Age: 17

"Hi, I'm Isaiah. I love sports. I love playing basketball and football. My favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks. I wish I could live near a big city, like Boise, where I can go to college and professional games. I also like being outside. I want to be able to go hunting one day.

My wish for a family is to have a mom and a dad. I also wants brothers and sisters. I don't want to be an only child. I would also love to have a grandma and a grandpa."