Age: 16

I'm Andre and I love going out in nature, to smell the breeze and enjoy what God gave me. I like to fish. I have my own tackle box and rod and reel. I also like to be outdoors doing just about anything--swimming, riding bikes, playing with the dogs, paint balling, cleaning the horse pens and riding them, too. I'd like to have a family that enjoys riding dirt bikes or 4-wheelers. I hope they enjoy camping and fishing and hunting.


Age: 14

"Hi, I’m Joseph, and I love guitars. I’m still learning, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. One time when I was practicing, I played the guitar so much I broke the string. I had to go back to the store and buy another guitar string so I could practice some more. I hope to one day teach other people how to play the guitar. I’d really like that."


Age: 14

"Hi, I’m Niko. I love to draw and listen to music on my MP3 player. I like animals, especially dogs. I’d like to train dogs when I get older. I’ve even thought about getting a dog one day--a dog from a shelter, not a pet store. I want a dog that was abandoned, so I can take care of it."


Age: 15

This shy teenager will warm up quickly to anyone who is armed with pizza or LEGO! He is very proficient at building things with LEGO and can sit for quite a long time engaging in this, his favorite hobby. He is just learning to find leisure activities that he enjoys and would thrive with a family who helps him to explore new interests. Some of his most recent interests include reading and doing crafts.


Age: 15

Cody is a sweet young man whose bright grin and shy demeanor will capture any parent's heart. He desires to have a family that are avid outdoors people, a family that will give him 100% and use some creativity in helping him to successfully manage his behaviors when they become overwhelming. He loves biking, hiking, camping, hunting, and 4-wheeling. He also enjoys playing basketball and video games.


Age: 16

Hi, I'm AJ. My two favorite things to do are swim and play video games. I also like riding my bike, drawing, and doing arts and crafts. I want to go swimming, camping, fishing, hiking and hunting with my new family. But most important, I want to be in a family where I know all my needs will be met. I worry about that sometimes. I think the most important things in a family is trust, friendship and love. I hope I can stay in touch with my half-sister, my aunt, and my biological father, though.


Age: 17

"My name is Derek and I like to make people laugh! I like drawing,origami, basketball (especially the Utah Jazz!) being outdoors, and riding on just about anything with wheels -- dirt bikes, skateboards, 4-wheelers, bikes and scooters. I also like baseball and think I'm a good pitcher."

"I want a family who will treat me nice and will help me to make good choices. I want a house with lots of rooms to play and a place where I can play outside. I really want a family that will let me stay in touch with my birth family. Because this is really important to me, I need to stay in Idaho, or close enough to visit a lot."


Age: 13

"Hi. My name is Andrew. You should call me Andy--that's what I like. My friends at school would describe me as someone who makes them laugh. I like to tell knock-knock jokes. I like almost every sport, but basketball is my favorite! I can spin the ball on my finger tip.