Jeremy, Tommy and Franky

Ages: 4 - 8

Jeremy, Tommy and Franky are securely bonded brothers who rely on each other for entertainment, laughter and love. With Shoshone-Bannock ancestry on both sides of their birth family, they need an adoptive home that is well connected to tribal activities and culture. If you are an individual who has tribal affiliation and heritage, please call the Idaho Careline (2-1-1 within Idaho) and let them know about your qualifications.

Patrick & Darwyn

Ages: 15 - 17

Patrick and Darwyn are two older teens who think and act most of the time like adults. They've been the glue that's held their family together for many years. Their younger sisters, Mary and Ana, love their older brothers and want to stay closely connected to them even after the girls join an adoptive family. Patrick and Darwyn want a guardian family that will help them feel supported and safe as young adults, but will also allow them the flexibility to make many decisions on their own.

Diamere & Alayna

Ages: 15 - 16

For two boisterous, active siblings, the search is on to match their personalities and attitudes with an adoptive family. They love to tease each other and laugh together. If you are a quiet, sedate couple that insists on strict order, these children wouldn't fit your family. If you value teens who work out their own compromises and learn by doing, you might be a perfect fit!