Hannah & Daniel

Ages: 8 - 11

The bond between siblings can be a remarkable strength in tough times. That's what has sustained Hannah and Daniel and continues to do so. Could you be the adaptable, inclusive family Hannah and Daniel need?

Saleina & Cora

Ages: 9 - 12

These sisters are close--no doubt about it. They play well together most of the time. Their foster mom says there is the normal amount of sibling rivalry one would expect, but they are also a strong support for each other. They need a family where they are the only children in the home. Folks who have solid experience and knowledge of trauma and the triggers that challenge emotions would be the most successful with providing the safety, boundaries and dependable routine that helps them master anxiety and the losses they have experienced. That could make such a difference in their lives!

Diamere & Alayna

Ages: 16 - 18

For two boisterous, active siblings, the search is on to match their personalities and attitudes with an adoptive family. They love to tease each other and laugh together. If you are a quiet, sedate couple that insists on strict order, these children wouldn't fit your family. If you value teens who work out their own compromises and learn by doing, you might be a perfect fit!