Age: 18

Described as intelligent, level-headed, and focused on the goals she wants to achieve, Sarah is also sensitive and emotional. She has grown up making a lot of decisions for herself. She wants a parent that will set clear boundaries and give her good advice. That will take a parenting blend of rule-setting that ensures safety, but also allows for learning through choices.

"Hi, I'm Sarah. I would describe myself as unusual and maybe not what people expect. I love school, especially Debate, History and Math. In my spare time, I like to read, play Hackey Sack, ride my Long board or play cards. I like to play basketball and I like watching football and basketball games.

When I graduate from high school, I would like to go on to college. I've got 10 years of education ahead of me because, lately, I'm thinking I might like to be a psychiatrist and counsel children who are in foster care. I've also considered becoming a lawyer, but this other career goal is more recent. My role model has been my own counselor. I really look up to her. She's helped me a lot.

I would like a family that is big on education. I think maybe one that has raised their kids and wouldn't mind having only one child at home. I could also do OK with older more mature teens who aren't into a lot of drama and competition. I love being part of a family and would like doing lots of things together. I think communication is the most important quality in a family. I love to travel and I dream of visiting other countries. I haven't had that opportunity.

I love animals; dogs, horses, goats. I raised a Nubian goat, the kind with the floppy ears. They were so loveable! My foster parents even milked them. They had horses and I enjoyed riding. It was great doing that again today. Rowdy, the horse I rode first, was a little spooked by a dog, so I tried Lilly, a pretty laid back mule. But when she got across the arena and saw Rowdy standing in front of the gate and possibly starting home without her, she started galloping towards him. I was OK with that until I saw the gate coming at us...FAST! I pulled back hard and she stopped just in time. Exciting!"

You can tell a lot about a person by the friends she keeps. Sarah is a loyal friend, as evidenced by the charms she wears around her neck. She fondly remembers each person who has added a memory to that life chain. Sarah is more interested in quality, rather than quantity in friendships. Described as somewhat of a tomboy, Sarah doesn't like social drama or gossiping. She gets along well with boys who are friends and might do well with older brothers.

Sarah is unique and complex. In some ways she is more mature and independent than teens her age because she has been through a few experiences they have not. She longs for a family that will give her the attention, support and nurturing that any teen needs. Could you be that family?

Portrait by Barb from Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery

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To find out more about Sarah, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city AND zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30503.

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