Age: 15

"Hi, my name is Shyanne, but my friends call me Kamiha. That's the name I might want to change to when I'm adopted. I'm usually a happy girl and I enjoy laughing. I love nature and being outdoors--like visiting the ocean or having fun in the city. I would love to live in a city or a place with lots of things to do. I love mountains and forests too.

Lately, I have been sad and worried that I will never find a family to love me. I'm ready for a new start and I have changed. I'm on the highest level in my group home and I've been that way for a long time.

I want to change many things in my life and to feel wanted. I want a family that cares for me and is honest and trustworthy. I'd like a family that will see that I'm working on making good choices. I need someone to give me a chance to prove that. I want to talk to them straight up and tell them what's wrong and how they can help me. And they can be honest with me about the things they struggle with. We could be a family and help each other. I don't want to be alone any more."

Shyanne is a fun-loving girl who could do well in a family that stays busy and enjoys life to the fullest. Shyanne loves going shopping and going to a salon to get her hair and nails done. She also enjoys doing her make-up and staying up on the latest fashion trends. She would love to have a mom or an older sister who would give her fashion tips. Shyanne enjoys arts and crafts, as well as writing stories. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice.

Shyanne enjoys reading fiction, but it has not been easy for her. In school, math is her overall least favorite subject. Science is her favorite. Currently she is on an IEP. She needs allies who can make learning fun. Gentle supervision, frequent prompts and breaking up study time with rewards are important ways to help her meet learning goals.

Shyanne's parents will need to use trauma-informed parenting to be successful and to relieve her of the anxiety she feels about rejection and abandonment. Shyanne worries constantly about her physical safety and needs verbal and visual assurance that her home and the people in it are safe and protective.

If you are willing to learn about trauma-informed parenting, you could be the parent(s) Shyanne has been waiting for. Thinking well of her even when she's struggling with overpowering emotions is a way to reach this young woman. She longs for love that endures over time. Saying "yes" often (when "no" is not necessary for safety) and letting her choose between options are also important ways of building her trust within your family.

Shyanne will need parents who understand the bond she has with her brother and her sister, both living in different places. She will need parents who will embrace and facilitate contact between these siblings.

Shyanne needs continued professional resources such as counseling, medication management, and a professional who can guide work in building bonding and resilience after childhood trauma.

If you think you can provide this beautiful young lady with the safety, structure, love and support she needs to flourish, call the Idaho CareLine today. Shyanne is so ready to join a family that will commit to her forever!

Portrait by Dana Willis Photography

To find out more about Shyanne, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city AND zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30504.

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