Age: 12

Dezziray is a sweet, loving and wonderfully compassionate girl with beautiful brilliant blue eyes and an amazing smile!! "Dezzi", as she prefers to be called, yearns for a family that includes a mom (and maybe a dad) - a family who is active and likes to spend time together doing fun things.


Age: 12

When asked about his ideal adoptive family, Tyron thinks carefully, smiles and then gives a thoughtful answer. He wants parents “who are heartwarming, talented and who I can be mellow with.” He is hoping they will want to play board games with him (his favorite is Sorry!), and that they will happily embrace the sports and outdoor adventures that he so loves. He envisions a home with a big backyard, maybe even an outdoor in-ground pool, and “not-too-city but not-too-country.”


Age: 9

Antony is an intelligent, empathetic youngster with beautiful light brown eyes that sparkle when he smiles. He has an excellent sense of humor and enjoys playing with superhero action figures - especially Batman. He is very skilled at video games and likes teaching the adults in his life how to play. Antony is an amazing runner and he delights in this sport. His polite manners and sweetness make it very easy to be immediately drawn to him. Antony is trying so hard to adjust to the many changes and uncertainties in his life.


Age: 10

Izaiah is a delightful little boy with a smile that will light up a room and a hug that will warm your heart! He loves interacting with adults and time dedicated to comforting one-on-one affection. A love of numbers and counting on fingers or clocks can keep him busy for a short time until he is onto something else that interests him such as building with blocks, putting together puzzles, or playing on his iPad. He is a child with a love for the outdoors and will take any opportunity to go for walks, swim, or play at the park. He is simply a joy to be around!

John & Makenzie

Ages: 10 - 11

John "Johnny" and Makenzie are siblings who are looking for a home where they can be adopted together. These siblings would do best in an environment that is calm, predictable and tailored to their needs. They are a fun-loving pair!


Age: 12

A child that everyone really likes, DeaQuan loves Batman and likes to wear Batman shirts wherever he goes. He also loves music he can sing and dance to and really knows how to get down to a funky beat! Despite the odds against him, he has an ongoing zest for life. He needs a family who will provide him with patience, consistency and trust while challenging DeaQuan to continue to learn to do things for himself and accept him for exactly who he is.


Age: 15

Patient, kindhearted, and tremendously resilient, James is eager to find a welcoming forever family. James has a sensitive side and is devoted to people who have touched his life in a positive way. James loves to play outside and to decipher video games. He enjoys gardening and the collaborative effort of working alongside his foster parents on a multitude of tasks.