Meet Brenton.

Big thank you to Zoo Boise for the production venue and the Darren and Kate Photography Group for the pictures!

WCID# 36757
Gender: Boy
Age: 14
Ethnicity/Race: Multi-racial

Are you a huge soccer fan?  If the answer is a resounding “yes” then Brenton may be just the right match for your family! Though thoughts of soccer occupy much of his time, Brenton has a long list of other favorite activities and interests including water sports, jumping on the trampoline, summer camp, board games like Risk and USA Maps, watching action and comedy movies and listening to Christian rock music. His favorite subjects in school are History and Math and he loves to read, with his current favorites listed as Huckleberry Finn, Heaven is For Real and The BFG.  

Brenton’s Christian faith is a very important part of his life and he wants to ensure that he is adopted by a family who shares similar beliefs and values. Brenton currently attends the LDS church and hopes to one day become a Missionary and travel back to his birth country of Bulgaria to share his faith with others. Brenton is adventurous, funny, optimistic and endearing and wants prospective adoptive families to know that he enjoys helping other people by being kind and that he enjoys fulfilling his responsibilities as a member of a family. Brenton dreams of having a committed family who will help him with homework; watch movies together; play games as a family and spend time reading scriptures and praying together. One day, Brenton hopes to attend Boise Bible College and study to be a Missionary while he also continues to perfect his soccer skills so that he might reach his goal of playing professionally.

Brenton has a younger sister that he shares a very special bond with. Though Brenton and his sister will not be adopted together, they are very important to each other and he will need a Forever Family who is committed to supporting their ongoing relationship. Brenton’s Permanency Team is searching for a family who has a strong understanding of the effects of trauma and neglect on a child’s growth and development. A great fit for Brenton will be a home where he might be an only child or a family with same-aged or older siblings. If you are ready for adventure, laughter and a lifetime commitment with this resilient young man, please inquire about Brenton today!

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