Meet Jasmine.

WCID# 45717
Gender: Girl
Age: 12
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Jasmine is an amazing young girl who really likes school and wants to be a 6th Grade teacher when she grows up.  She would like for prospective adoptive families to know that she is pretty, smart and fun.  Jasmine cherishes her friendships and loves to help other kids at school with their Math and English when they are struggling.  She is hoping to get the opportunity to be a peer mentor at her school next year.

Jasmine enjoys reading, especially anything by JK Rowlings.  When asked, Jasmine reported that her best personal quality is that she is energetic and tells us that she is most proud of her ability to just “be myself.”  In her spare time, she likes to play video games like Minecraft and Roblox and enjoys baking-especially cupcakes!  Riding horses is a new activity that she just started and really enjoys.  Jasmine was also recently in her first dance class and joined her school’s basketball team.  On vacation days from school, her favorite things to do are to “sleep, eat and just be lazy.”  Jasmine says that if she had 3 wishes, she would wish for a dog, a million dollars and to own a Starbucks!  She dreams of being adopted very soon by a nice family who will help her with her homework.

Jasmine’s Permanency team is searching for a family with an understanding of what children who have experienced significant trauma, grief and loss need in order to heal and move forward successfully in their lives.  A family with knowledge of TBRI parenting would be a great fit for Jasmine!  The ideal family for Jasmine will be one where she can be an only child, or a family where she could have older siblings.  This sweet and caring girl has so much to offer the right family who can support her and provide the stability she needs.  If you believe that your family has the qualities that Jasmine is looking for in her Forever Family, please let us know by inquiring about her today! 

Inquire about Jasmine!

Inquire about Jasmine!