Meet Keyonna.

Keyonna is a beautiful girl, both inside and out! This intelligent and resilient teen is searching for a two parent or single mom adoptive family, either with or without siblings in the home. Keyonna envisions the perfect family for her as being younger parents who are fun and easy going, someone who has the time and energy to support her in accomplishing her goals and dreams which include modeling, acting and going to college. Parents who are trauma informed and can walk alongside Keyonna as she continues to work through the grief, loss and hurt from her past relationships will be key to her future success and happiness.

WCID# 14412
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Wednesday's Child would like to extend a huge Thank You to Spokane photographer Tracy Ball at Trace Bee Photo for the spectacular photos of Keyonna and to Lisa Watkins, owner of Panic Room CDA/Live Escape Game for giving Keyonna such a fun experience!

Keyonna describes herself as loyal, trustworthy, a problem solver and someone who is easy to talk to and spend time with. She thinks it’s important for prospective families to know that she is not a morning person! This spunky girl loves dancing, acting, modeling, reading mysteries, running, swimming and writing poetry. Keyonna is very proud of the fact that she recently had her first poem published and is hoping to have more future success in that area. Keyonna admits that she can be opinionated at times but celebrates that aspect of her personality and knows that it will one day help her to become a strong and confident adult. She likes dogs but loves cats and her favorite animal is the Pigeon because they are smart and are loyal to people who are kind to them. Keyonna would love to spend “girl time” with her future adoptive mom by going shopping, to the movies and then definitely getting coffee!

Keyonna is so looking forward to new relationships and is ready to be part of a family who will forever love her and be protective of her. At this time, Keyonna’s team is searching only for families who reside in Idaho or the surrounding states and who already have an approved adoptive home study. If your heart is telling you that Keyonna is the daughter your family has been waiting for, please inquire about her today!

Inquire about Keyonna!

Inquire about Keyonna!