Meet Leanne.

WCID# 47612
Gender: Girl
Age: 15
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Leanne is a kind and generous girl with a love of animals who one day hopes to either become a Veterinarian or join the Air Force. She describes her best traits as her ability to easily make friends with just about anyone, and the way that she always tries to help out others around her in any way that she can.  

This outgoing, talkative and funny girl has many varied interests. Though she doesn’t really care for organized sports, she is an active girl who loves to go fishing, swimming and camping whenever possible. Leanne hopes that her new Forever Family also enjoys going fishing and that they love to travel and might one day take her to Hawaii!

Some of Leanne’s other favorite things to do include drawing and coloring; playing video games and board games; reading the “Warrior Cats” book series; and listening to pop music-particularly anything by Taylor Swift. Leanne is skilled at making scrambled eggs and wants to become even better at cooking for herself and her new family. She has an active sense of imagination and tells us that if she were able to have 3 wishes she would wish for a Dragon, all of the Elves Lego sets, and the ability to fly!   

Leanne is a person who sees joy and excitement in even the smallest of things and has such a trusting personality. Sometimes these wonderful traits can lead to struggles with her ability to keep herself safe. Her Permanency Team is searching for a family who is knowledgeable about TBRI and/or skilled at understanding significant Developmental Trauma in children and the importance of having long-term community supports in place to assist in Leanne’s social, emotional, educational and developmental healing and growth. Caregivers who are structured but also easy-going and who are patient and forgiving can help build a strong sense of commitment and safety for Leanne which will allow her the opportunity to truly grow and thrive in all aspects of her life.

A family where she might be the only child in the home would be an ideal fit for Leanne, however her team is open to hearing from all interested families. Inquire today to find out if your family could be the right match for this amazing teen!

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