Meet Melody.

Thank you to Kaylee and her crew at Callidora Day Spa in Pocatello and thank you to Phil White with Cherished Images for the photography!

WCID# 86942
Gender: Girl
Age: 13
Ethnicity/Race: White or Caucasian

Meet Melody, a quirky girl who describes herself as “a very random person” because she enjoys such a variety of different things. While some of her favorite activities are outdoor things like swimming, camping and hunting…this well-rounded girl is also skilled at playing Dungeons and Dragons and loves watching Stranger Things, Japanese Manga Anime’, and reading mystery or romance novels. Melody has a beautiful singing voice and participates in her choir at school. She enjoys art and thinks that one day she might like to be either a painter, a singer, or some other kind of performer. Melody is also never afraid to show off her culinary skills in the kitchen by making fantastic quesadillas, steak, cookies, brownies and cake!    

Melody looks forward to the fun of spa days, make-up and shopping with a Forever Mom who will make her feel like the special girl she is. She hopes her new family might like to travel as she would love to visit Canada, Germany or Russia with them in order to learn more about her own cultural heritage. When asked what her best qualities are, Melody is quick to say that they are her awesome writing skills; her ability to be a true friend; and most importantly- the fact that she always tries to remain happy even though she has been through a lot of hard times in her young life. Melody’s Permanency Team echoes those thoughts by sharing with us that she is a very resilient, nurturing and protective person.   

Melody is very open to a Forever Home with siblings around her age or older but tells us she also might like to be the youngest child in the home for once. Parents with trauma knowledge who communicate well and can provide a fun, structured home where they value her input as a part of their family, would be a perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind girl. Melody and her Permanency Team are open to inquiries from families in Idaho or from families who reside in another state. If Melody sounds like just the daughter your family has been searching for, we can’t wait to hear from you!   

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