Meet Natalieanne.

Big thank you to Zoo Boise for the production venue and the Darren and Kate Photography Group for the pictures!

WCID# 36892
Gender: Girl
Age: 11
Ethnicity/Race: Multi-racial

Natalieanne, or “Rayna” as she prefers to be called, is a thoughtful, engaging, but sometimes quiet and shy young girl who is anxiously awaiting just the right adoptive family for her to come along! With a love of learning new things, Rayna can often be found asking questions about the “how” and the “why” of the world around her. Her inquisitive nature is endearing and a family who values education, learning and exploration would be a wonderful fit for her.

Like many other young girls her age, Rayna loves watching Disney movies, and tells us that Frozen, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan are among her favorites. If family game night and outings are your family’s thing, Rayna will fit right in with her passion for board games like Uno and SkipBo; outdoor activities like basketball and swimming; and her overall adventurous spirit. Rayna wants people to know that she loves Pepperoni Pizza, Christmas and most importantly-her older brother. Though Rayna and her brother will not be placed in the same adoptive home, they are extremely bonded siblings and Rayna will need a family who values biological connections and is committed to supporting their ongoing relationship.  

Rayna will thrive in a family where there is a significant understanding of childhood trauma and neglect and the effects it can have on a child’s educational, social and emotional development. A family trained in TBRI would be an amazing fit for this sweet, resilient girl. Rayna’s Permanency Team is searching for a 2 parent family, possibly with older children in the home, who can commit to the ongoing community- based and educational services that will help her continue to learn, thrive and grow to become everything she is capable of! If Rayna sounds like she just might be the missing piece to your family’s puzzle, we would love to hear from you today!   

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